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July 1, 2000 Vol.27
Product Information  

PCA-6753F and PCA-6752F Offer Powerful Upgrade Solutions for the PCA-6153

As successors to the PCA-6153, the PCA-6753F and PCA-6752F both offer upgraded features that give users more power and flexibility to handle the latest needs of today and tomorrow. The product differences reflect the latest integration of onboard and onchip capabilities that Advantech is adding to its embedded single board computer line.

A comparison table is provided below, but first, let's focus on some of the highlighted areas (features) of the table.

  • Processor- The PCA-6753 comes with a 586-level NS GXM 200 MHz processor mounted directly on board. This is a low-power processor that works well in temperatures up to 60° C (140° F) without need of a fan.
  • With a 100 MHz bus and AGP support, the PCA-6752's Super 7 platform offers outstanding performance at a reduced cost compared to Slot 1 solutions. It supports Intel P54/P55C, AMD K5/K6/K6-2/K6-3, NS MI/MII and IDT Winchip CPUs.
  • Memory- Both the PCA-6753 and PCA-6752 offer SDRAM 128 MB support. This offers better performance and memory capacity at almost the same price as the PCA-6153's 486-based EDO RAM.
  • Ethernet- The PCA-6753 and PCA-6752 both offer fast 10/100 Base-T ethernet support. Allowing for network connected applications.
  • Solid State Disk- The PCA-6753 and PCA-6752 both offer DOC® 2000 and CompactFlash™ card support.
  • ATX function- Wake on Modem and Wake on LAN capabilities are both supported by the ATX function. This enables remote unattended applications.
PCA-6153 Product Replacement Comparison Chart
Processor Socket 7 GxM CPU on board Super 7™
CPU speed 233 MHz GxM 200 MHz AMD K6 550 MHz
System chip SIS 5571 NS GXM 5530 VIA MVP4/Trident i7
Memory EDO 128 MB SDRAM 128 MB SDRAM 128 MB
CRT Yes Yes Yes
LCD 24 bit TFT/DSTN 18 bit TFT 24 bit TFT/DSTN
Ethernet No Yes (10/100 Bps) Yes (10/100 Bps)
PC/104 Yes Yes No
SSD solution No DOC 2000/CFC DOC 2000/CFC
Parallel Port Yes Yes Yes
FDC Yes Yes Yes
Watchdog timer Yes Yes Yes
IDE Port 1 1 1
COM Port 2 2 2
ATX function No Yes Yes

These product improvements allow Advantech customers to realize the most recent technological innovations to use in their embedded applications. Innovation is a process that never ends.

Keeping You Informed

The PCA-6153's last buy date will be 11/30/2000. Contact for more information on the PCA-6753, the PCA-6752 or more details about the PCA-6153 or any other Advantech products or services. You can also contact your local Advantech representative to find out more.


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  Product Information
  PCA-6753F and PCA-6752F Offer Powerful Upgrade Solutions for the PCA-6153

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