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May 1, 2000 Vol.23
New Products

New Ultra Small MicroBox PC Provides Tough and Compact Computing Power
The new MBPC-140 PC with chassis is now available from Advantech. It is a rugged and complete PC solution that offers easy integration for end users as well as flexibility and versatility for ODM customers. The MBPC-140 is an extremely compact and solid PC based controller ready to be used in a variety of ways.

New and Improved PCD-1244H Standard IDE Interface Flash Disk
Advantech will begin to sell its new IDE interface Flash disk at the end of May this year.The PCD-1244H will retain the same form factor and product characteristics as the PCD-1230A, but offer double the memory capacity.

Product Information

New Clock Generator for the PCM-5862E Series
The PCM-5862E Series's Clock Generator has been phased out and replaced with a new one.The new Clock Generator is fully compatible with all previous software and hardware functions of the PCM-5862E Series......


Running Windows® 2000 on Advantech SBCs
The well publicized Windows® 2000 operating system is becoming increasingly more common across all hardware platforms. To ensure there are no underlying issues concerning this OS, Advantech has been testing Windows 2000 compatibility for use on Advantech Embedded Computing Group products.

Marketing Kaleidoscope

Come to Visit ECG at Computex Taipei 2000
COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2000, one of the three largest computer exhibitions worldwide, will run from June 5th - 9th, 2000. Come see the latest ECG products.

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  Cyrix Chip Logo changed to Geode

  Product Update
  New Clock Generator for POS-560B1

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  ECG's US Mass Mailing campaign

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