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June 1, 2000 Vol.25
Product Information

Advantech Adds Phoenix Operation to Dynamic Burn-in Testing Capabilities
For Advantech Customers that need uncompromised assurance that their product can handle certain temperature conditions, Advantech would like to introduce our "Operation Phoenix" option for Dynamic Burn-in testing.



Product Update

PCI and NLX Chassis Provide Total Solution
Advantech now offers complete chassis solutions dedicated to PCI and NLX CPU cards. These new solutions ensure a perfect fit between the chassis and the system and provide Advantech customers with a total chassis solution for their application needs.......

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  New Product
  MBPC-300 Series MicroBox PC Chassis Adds Impressive Audio and Video Capability with PCM-9574

  Product Information
  ROM-DOS on Solid State Disk

  Product Update
  PCD-250A/350A Increases Capabilities

  PCM-110-120 Riser Cards Update Specifications

May 15, 2000
May 1, 2000
Apr. 15, 2000
Apr. 1, 2000
Mar. 15, 2000



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