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July 1, 2000 Vol.27
Product Information  

EPC Rev. 1.3 CD ROM with Manual, Drivers and Utilities Now Available

The new updated CD-ROM containing EPC product manuals, drivers and utilities is now available. Usually updated about every 3 months, this newest revision 1.3, replaces the previous revision 1.2.

Some of the new products in this issue are mentioned below:

  • 1.MBPC-140
  • 2.PCM-5820 manual update ed. 3 to ed. 4
  • 3.pcm-9574
  • 4.PCA-6751 manual update ed. 2 to ed. 3
  • 5.PCA-6753 manual
  • 6.POS-760 manual ed. 1 to ed. 2
  • 7.PCM-9570 manual ed. 2 to ed. 4
  • 8.PCM-9570, PCI-6771 VGA update.
  • 9.PCM-9570, 9574,PCN-6351 LAN driver+8139c
  • 10.PCM-3291, PCM-3601
  • 11.PCM-3345, PCM-3346 add STPC_readme.txt and stpc.inf
  • 12.PCA-6770 and PCI-6771 manuals ed.1 to ed. 2
  • 13.PCA-6751update 82559 driver
  • 14.PCM-9550F, PCM-5823
  • 15.PCM-5862E Audio add 1869

Updates also Available

A CD-ROM containing all the product information not in the standard CD or released "after the publication" of the above CD will also soon be available. These 2 CD's will hopefully provide all the necessary information needed for all current EPC products and are constantly being updated to ensure the most current information is available.

Giving Customers the Tools They Need

These 2 new CDs are available now. Advantech will distribute these through our normal channels. Contact Advantech anytime at to find out more about any additional product updates as they become available. You can usually download what you need from our convenient online database.

Tel: 886-2-2218-4567
Fax: 886-2-2218-3875
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  Product Information
  PCA-6753F and PCA-6752F Offer Powerful Upgrade Solutions for the PCA-6153

  EPC Rev. 1.3 CD ROM with Manual, Drivers and Utilities Now Available

  Universal LCD Connector Development Kit

 Product Update
  PCM-5820 Board Now Supports NS Geode™ GX1 Processor

 Technical Information
  Introducing PC/104-Plus

June 15, 2000
June 1, 2000
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