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Wireless Sensor Network

Embedded I/O Modules

Advantech Embedded I/O Module solutions (EMIO) include Embedded CANBus Modules (EMCB), RAID Card, Embedded Touch Modules (ETM), and Interface Module solutions developed and manufactured for a multitude of I/O applications. The form factors of most EMIO modules are a combination of full-size Mini PCIe & module types. These designs can easily be integrated with systems or other platforms.

  • Touch Module

    Touch Module

    Advantech’s Embedded Touch Module (ETM) solutions include: Touch screen, Touch board, and Touch sensors, which also provide high reliability, high resolution, and fast conversion times. Advantech’s own application software—TouchWare, decreases integration effort and adds extra value to hardware and software. Currently, our ...

  • CANBus & Interface Card

    CANBus & Interface Card

    Advantech have developed a series of APIs for customers to access Controller Area Network (CANBus) Protocols. Advantech CANBus and Interface Card modules are high-quality developed and manufactured according to each standard. Meanwhile, CANOpen which is license based protocol, is also released with the CANBus modules as an ...

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    2014 Advantech Embedded World Partner Conference

    Last Updated : Dec 22, 2014
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    2014 Advantech Embedded World Partner Conference

    Last Updated : Dec 22, 2014