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Ranging From 1 to 192 cores Scalable platforms will help consolidate packet, application and control processing on Intel architecture to increase network efficiency

Advantech’s latest products based on the Intel® platform for communications infrastructure, allow Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) to utilize Advantech’s Customized COTS framework to create differentiating feature sets and deliver flexible, scalable and efficient solutions ahead of their competition. Engineered to shorten design times and accelerate the insertion of new technologies, they enable significant time-to-market advantages for OEMs.

Advantech’s Customized COTS framework combines the benefits of standard products with the advantages of custom design. It helps Network Equipment Providers accelerate the introduction of solutions where flexibility, scalability and performance per watt are equally important to delivering differentiation, protecting investments and lowering total cost of ownership. Customized COTS is based on standard products that have been designed with later customization in mind to enable distinct features and custom IP integration without the risk of expensive, time consuming full-custom ODM designs. These latest products will allow customers to scale their product lines and easily adapt them for future network needs with the ability to consolidate multiple workloads onto a single platform.

Follow the links below to discover Advantech’s new platforms. You’ll learn how new technologies such as Fabric Mezzanine Modules bring greater flexibility for product differentiation and scalability to future-proof next generation networking platform designs. Discover how a single common platform will allow you to create a broader product line which significantly reduces your overall development and manufacturing overheads.

Click Here to find out how Advantech’s dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 ATCA blades are being used in NetEPC a consolidated platform for both public LTE Evolved Packet Core networks as well as private LTE networks and in the Polaris Networks Home eNodeB Gateway (HeNB-GW), also referred to as Femtocell Gateway (F-GW), designed to provide the control capabilities necessary to manage large clusters of femtocells.

Take the ATCA Blade Architect Test
Imagine a blade with two 8-core Intel® Xeons®
Plug in single or dual dual-star 10G or 40G fabric interfaces
Connect lots of SFP+s
Add crypto-acceleration
Reserve one of the multiple FMM mezzanine slots for your secret sauce
Add 500GB SSD

What is it? Click here to find out.
Product Offering

PCIE-3214 is the industry’s most powerful solution for fast and secure network performance, freeing up significant headroom for other workloads. This multi-chip, multi-module Intel® QuickAssist accelerator is a half length PCIe card with four Intel® Communications Chipset 89xx Series chips on board designed to boost encryption and compression workload efficiency for the white-box and OEM server market. The PCIE-3214 will allow OEMs to better protect users along with their data and provide for greater traffic throughput using Intel®-based hardware acceleration technology.Data Sheet
FMM-5006 is an Intel® QuickAssist™ accelerator on a Fabric Mezzanine Module (FMM). Deployable on Advantech’s MIC-533x series ATCA blades and hi-end Network Application Platforms, it accelerates bulk encryption and data compression and makes it easier to bring fast, secure processing to all network elements. Utilizing Intel® QuickAssist technology, multiple FMM-5006 modules can accelerate secure traffic up to 100Gbps on the platform to give customers the ability to handle many more secure transactions and without the cost of specialized solutions.Product Page White Paper Article

FWA- 3250 and FWA-3220 are desktop and 1U rackmount systems based on the Intel® Celeron® 725C, Intel® Pentium® B915C, Intel® Core i3-2115C Intel® or Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1105C. Their feature sets target the entry level security and network appliance market, providing greater cost and power efficiency to equipment providers in areas such as Network Security, QoS and Network Optimization.Learn More

FWA-6510 is a dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 based Network Application Platform designed for maximum performance, scalability and functionality in a 2U rack mount footprint. It supports up to 384 GB of ECC memory and provides 80 PCIe gen 3 lanes feeding up to 8 Network Mezzanine Cards (NMCs) for modular, configurable networking I/O and acceleration. The platform supports up to sixteen 10GbE interfaces paired with four Intel® Communications Chipset 89xx Series chips for best in class I/O connectivity and throughput.Data Sheet Learn More
MIC-5333 is a dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 ATCA blade with built-in flexibility for today’s product line and for future network needs. The multiple FMM sites on board are designed to bring extra flexibility for product differentiation as well as improving ATCA fabric and Intel® QuickAssist™ acceleration scalability to future-proof next generation networking platform designs. In dual-dual star topologies each MIC-5333 provides up to 160Gbps of network connectivity to the backplane. The FMM-5006 mentioned above adds scalable hardware acceleration features for encryption and compression.Data Sheet
NeTarium ATCA Systems range from 2-slots to 14-slots, providing system-level switching capacities of over 1.28Tbps at the high-end for up to 12 MIC-5333 blades with 192 Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 cores. Based on a single Intel architecture, the systems provide the packet processing and application performance necessary to support a wide range of software workloads such as policy and charging enforcement, network security, real-time traffic monitoring, load balancing, subscriber analytics and content optimization among others.Learn More


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