Introducing a Powerful and Flexible New Switching Platform with OVS Offload

The ESP-9112 Network Services Switch from Freescale and Advantech is a new generation intelligent switching platform for software defined networks that provides the performance, flexibility and port density required by highly virtualized enterprise and data center environments.

With fiber support for six 40GbE QSFP ports and forty-four 10GbE SFP+ ports in a 1U rackmount design, the ESP-9112 can be used to build highly scalable, feature-rich, top-of-rack switches and aggregation equipment to connect big data, cloud and optimized workloads in the data center. When enabled by VortiQa Open Network switch software, Enterprise IT and cloud service providers will be able to drive greater flexibility and efficiency into their software defined infrastructure to support the increasing demand for new and innovative services.

ESP-9112 Network Service Switch with L4/L7 SDN Support

  1. Powerful and flexible routing/switching platform with OVS Offload
  2. VortiQa OpenFlow OF-Agent and L4-7 service data plane
  3. OpenFlow 1.3 standard & Broadcom OFDPA 1.0 support
  4. Value added network services hosted on integrated QorIQ multicore communication processor
    ie. Firewall, AIS, ADC/Load Balancer
  1. ToR/Edge Switch Box with Extended SDN Services
  2. Data Plane offload via 10GE/HiGig+
  3. Hybrid Traditional L2/L3 & SDN support
  4. Cloud Networking Ready: 6x QSFP 44x SFP+
  5. Build-in Storage with Network boot nodes from the switch

The platform utilizes standards-based protocols such as OpenFlow, and supports manageability through open technologies such as OpenStack and OpenDaylight. It also enables exceptional network security for virtualized environments by supporting the integration of high performance packet processing functions such as firewalling, intrusion detection and IPSEC over VxLAN. It also includes VNF support, commercial grade VortiQa SDN software supporting OpenFlow version 1.3 with extensions for Layer 4 and above protocols, and Layer 2/3 forwarding.Redundant, hot swappable, DC power supplies and fans, along with IPMI 2.0 and OpenIPMI hardware management interfaces provide the high availability and management features which equip the switch for managing business-critical traffic.

The platform helps OEMs and their customers unleash the full value of SDN, while saving power and cost by eliminating the need for additional appliances commonly required in traditional switching implementations.