Discover how Advantech's NFV Elasticity initiative supports scalable platforms with server-class processors that can run Virtual Network Functions anywhere in the network. Advantech platforms already run VNFs in Central Offices, Enterprises and Data Centers, but a gap existed to run the same VNFs on edge and access equipment. A gap which has been closed by a new and innovative embeddable server platform designed to address the requirements of edge computing and virtualization. Make sure you book a demo at Mobile World Congress to test-drive the Packetarium XLc Carrier Grade Blade Server and the Versatile Server Module, the platforms that make NFV Elasticity a reality.
A platform that supports NFV workloads such as C-RAN and vE-CPE across an elastic NFV Infrastructure that can run the same VNFs in central offices and at the edge of networks.
An NFVI-on-a-module approach that simplifies integration of server processors into equipment such as access points, small cells, base stations and demarcation boxes to enable Network Edge Virtualization.
NFV Elasticity allows Service Providers and Operators to provision a base line service capacity more efficiently at the edge of the network offering lowest latency while covering peak loading using NFV-capable equipment in the core network.
Most importantly, Advantech's new platforms enable new services for Mobile Edge Computing requiring low latency, near real time response paired with best-in-class performance per watt of compute.
Learn how versatile our new platforms really are and how they can scale from full blown Cloud RAN deployment all the way down to a server node embedded inside an SDN-enabled Top of Rack Switch.
Book a meeting at Mobile World Congress 2016 to discover how Advantech is working with key ecosystem partners to give Service Providers a head start on NFV by putting together ready-to-deploy solutions such as virtual CPE for the enterprise (vE-CPE).