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Technology Highlight

In the past, industrial computers were primarily used for industrial control applications. Recent advances in IT technologies have enabled industrial computers to expand gradually into other vertical applications such as medical imaging equipment, AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), and surveillance; the IT requirements of these industries of course differ from those of industrial control. In recent years various markets have developed their own demanding system requirements. Advantech is therefore releasing the Server-grade IPC that provides both the best in performance and in stability...More

Application Story

Digital Video Surveillance
Provides abundant storage, scalable I/O expansion options, high-speed data access and high reliability

Medical Imaging Application
Suitable for professional medical instrument applications, including X-rays, Computed Tomography and Ultrasounds

Automatic Optical
Inspection Equipment
Suitable for high-speed image capture and analysis and application systems that require large amounts of memory
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Selected High-Performance Products

With the advent of the digital age, Advantech has introduced a series of high-performance industrial computers with exceptional stability to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications on the market. Our high-performance industrial computers offer abundant storage, high-speed data access, excellent reliability, and can be used in the harshest environments. Combined with Advantech 3-5-7 services, our products are the best choice for high-end applications.

High-Performance Industrial Chassis

High-Performance Motherboard

2U server class rack-mount chassis with 8 hot swap drive bays and 800W redundant power supply

4U server class rack-mount chassis with 8 hot swap drive bays and 665W single power supply
ASMB-310 Dual Xeon® 5500/5600 Processor MB > More
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ASMB-920 Dual LGA 2011 Xeon® E5 EATX Server Board > More

4U scalable rack-mount chassis with robust design and PS/2 power supply

High CP value, wall-mount chassis with robust design and PS/2 power supply

ASMB-781 Single Xeon® E3 1200 Processor MB
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