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Implementing Road Surveillance in Northeatern China

Date: 12/17/2014 12:00:00 AM


As the recent migration from rural to urbanized areas continues to increase, cites worldwide have experienced greater population densities, resulting in a higher incidence of crime and traffic accidents. With roughly 48% of the world’s population currently living in cities, road surveillance solutions have become an essential investment for governments and city planners. In China alone, the need for road surveillance in approximately 2000 towns represents a US$10 billion-opportunity for system integrators. To ensure public safety and effective management of multimodal transport systems, a high-performance video surveillance platform capable of providing immediate support to government and law enforcement operations is essential. IP-based wireless video surveillance solutions provide law enforcement agencies with an affordable way to expand their community presence. However, the extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions typical of Northwestern China pose an additional challenge to the provision of a reliable solution.


To address demands for a public safety management system, Advantech designed the ITA-3000 series, an open yet highly integrated hardware platform for video surveillance applications. IP cameras connected in a wide-area network stream live video recordings to a central monitoring center for processing by front or back-end data centers. These video cameras can be programmed to record 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that all road conditions and potential traffic/crime incidents are captured. By analyzing these real-time data transmissions, government authorities and law enforcement agencies can conduct effective road surveillance, incident analysis, and vehicle tracking to maintain and increase public safety. Additionally, the vibration resistance and wide-operating temperature range of the ITA-3000 series ensure system longevity and durability for 24/7 outdoor use. A content management server and external disk array offer convenient storage options. Combined with device drivers, software development kits, and application-specific software, the flexible system architecture allows cameras, video signal processing tools, storage, and video management/security software to be integrated easily without compromising scalability or expandability. Finally, rich I/O options that support multiple external controllers, sensors, and displays enable system integrators to rapidly customize each system according to local needs. 


The system platform was an ITA-3630 Intel® 3rd Generation Core™ i fanless box PC with a wide operating temperature range (-25 ~ 60 °C) and high CPU performance for processing license plate numbers. An EKI-2525P five-port industrial PoE switch is used to connect multiple IP cameras across a wide area network, which ensures high-bandwidth data transmissions. The SUSIAccess API software suite facilitates remote monitoring and configuration of all cameras. These cameras also feature built-in security features that protect data and prevent system failure. The embedded intelligent video analytics technology monitors events, attributes, and patterns with substantial accuracy (90% during the day, and 85% at night) to automatically identify and highlight security and safety issues, thereby enhancing public safety and road traffic management.


  • Enhanced traffic control and road safety
  • Fewer traffic violations and accidents
  • Reduced congestion
  • Reduced crime rates
  • Improved road maintenance
  • Robust system ensures reliable operation in harsh environments
  • Intelligent remote management capabilities
  • System Typology

    The typology below depicts how road surveillance application can be employed at both front end (street/ intersection) and back end (control room). ITA-3630 is widely adopted in the front end with rugged design to implement road surveillance application. Meanwhile, images can be processed via Intelligent Video Analytics and transmitted to back end through EKI (Ethernet switch).