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Wireless Sensor Network

  • SUSIAccess Built into
    All Advantech Solutions
    1. Remote Device Management
    2. Embedded Security
    3. Backup and Recovery
  • Next-Gen Web-based
    SUSIAccess 3.0
    1. Remote Manage Devices Any Time, Any Where
    2. Seamless HW/SW Monitoring for Complete Protection
    3. User Friendly Map-view Interface
  • SUSIAccess Design-win
    Reducing Your Total Cost of Ownership for
    1. Deployment
    2. Management
    3. Maintenance
All Advantech Embedded Solution Preloaded SUSIAccess!
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A Simple yet Powerful Way to Manage Your Devices
The number of connected intelligent systems is expected to grow by 400% over the next 10 years. Intelligent systems play mission-critical roles in high-value applications across many industries and are often deployed in remote locations. How to manage and ensure their reliability is a big challenge. Now, SUSIAccess provides a ready-to-use software platform to manage your devices in a simple yet powerful way, increasing efficiency and reducing your total cost of ownership.
Saving 30% Deployment Costs
Saving 30% Deployment Costs
Preloaded with all Advantech
Solutions, worry free compatibility &
integrated software license fee.
Saving 50% Maintenance Costs
Saving 50% Maintenance Costs
Featuring Remote KVM and Intel®
AMT integration to allow remote
diagnosis and recovery in any situation,
reducing on-site maintenance costs.
70% Time Saving
70% Time Saving
Real-time remote monitoring and
proactive alarmnotifications for instant
support. Saves time on trouble
shooting and ensures system health.
New ArrivalNext-Gen Web-based SUSIAccess 3.0
Revolutionizes Remote Device Management in the IoT Era
Revolutionizes Remote Device Management in the IoT Era
SUSIAccess 3.0 management software services with significant function enhancements, including web-based structure , seamless SW/HW monitoring, and user-friendly map-view interface. With the coming of the IoT era, the effective management and maintenance of numerous, widely deployed, intelligent devices is an increasingly big challenge. To help meet this challenge, Advantech has made a big push, and is now unveiling the latest version of SUSIAccess 3.0, aiming to accelerate the adoption of device designs and ensuring manageability, security, and connectivity. All these features hugely enhance efficiency and decrease maintenance costs, revolutionizing device management. > see more
SUSIAccess 3.0
Windows version  
SUSIAccess 2.1
Windows version  
Linux version