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Corporate News


Corporate News

Advantech Joins the LoRa® Alliance to Drive Industry 4.0 and Smart City Applications
January 5,2017
Global intelligent systems leader Advantech (2395.TW), today announced that they joined the LoRa Alliance, which is committed to developing a new industrial standard to empower the Internet of Things. Advantech will provide the LoRa gateway and sensor node devices based on the M2.COM open standard for Industry 4.0 and Smart City applications. “The wide area coverage and low power consumption makes LoRaWAN the ideal technology for opportunities in large area industrial IoT applications. With the LoRa Alliance, we will make complete our wireless product offerings and enable more IoT applications in Industry 4.0 and Smart City scenarios,” said Allan Yang, CTO of Advantech. ”By adopting LoRa Technology, Advantech can address the increasing demands for long range connectivity and low-power IoT applications.” said Miller Chang, VP of Advantech Embedded-IoT Group. “Advantech commits to deliver a series of high performance IoT gateways, Edge Intelligence Servers (EIS) and M2.COM sensor devices with LoRa solutions to market.” IoT applications require technology integration and cross-industry collaboration. Advantech will keep collaborating with strategic IP/silicon, sensor, software, and system integrator partners to provide all the essential components for developing, verifying, integrating and building trusted IoT solutions that achieve faster time-to market solutions.